The term MILF in the porn world is at the top of the list in popularity. According to statistics released last year by the popular site, men searched for MILF sex pictures, porn GIFS and videos more than any other term. In case you don’t know, MILF is a very popular acronym for “Mom I’d Like To Fuck.” For those straight men who frequent porn sites, MILF sex pictures and GIFS of porn are their favorite. But why are MILF sex pics so popular? What is it about a MILF sex pics that wants to make a man go crazy over them?

One of the reasons might be because some men want a woman with experience. For men, a MILF represents a woman who can teach them a thing or two when it comes to sex. The MILFs may also end-up being the aggressors or the ones running the entire show. Another reason may be due to the fact that the women in MILF sex pictures and porn GIFS seem real. Unlike many of the brushed up and Photoshopped photos of younger models, MILFs sex pictures show real women. These women are every day mothers who can be compared to our neighbor’s sister, aunt or best friend mom.

MILFs represent women who are practiced and knowledgeable when it comes to sex. They are also very confident about their sexuality and know exactly what they want. A MILF sex picture or porn GIF image will typically have women who have curves and won’t be skinny as some younger models. Still, most of the MILF sex pics or celebrity GIF images found on the web, are of very hot and sexy women. These women can make any person get aroused simply by looking at them.

It is every man’s fantasy to have a woman who will dominate him and take charge from time to time. Many men feel as it is always up to them to be in charge of the sexual situations. Fucking a MILF makes a man realize that this woman knows how to please a man. And that she will try to do everything she can to make sure you both enjoy the sex. Too many young adult girls are not too experience when it comes to sex. They may not know all the tricks a MILF might know.

A hot older woman in an animated porn GIF is enough to make a man’s penis rise to attention very fast. Especially if the MILF is wearing some stockings or a professional uniform of some type. Fantasies play a big part in every person’s sexual dreams and having sex with a hot MILF is at the top, for most men.

Another big reason why MILF sex pics and porn GIF images have risen in popularity is the many different films about them out there. There have been hundreds of movies that have used sexy MILFs since the very first MILF appeared in American Pie. The adult industry followed what became popular in the mainstream movies. But, the MILF movement is not something new in Hollywood though. The very first MILF was Anne Bancroft in the movie The Graduate back in 1967. Nonetheless, it took some teenagers at a party looking at a photo of a hot mom to give life to the MILF movement. That happened in the popular teen movie American Pie, which started it all.

Sex pics of any kind are great and so are porn GIFS. But when you have an older, yet still hot as hell woman, that changes.

There are many retired porn star actresses who have since made a comeback due to the popularity of MILF sex pics and porn GIFS. For most models and adult film stars, their life shelf used to be around 25 to 30, the oldest. However, MILFs are in such high demand that even 55 year old porn stars like Nina Hartley have begun making new porn videos and GIFS of porn. Nina even received the MILF performer of the year nomination from Xbiz.

While some may argue about Sigmund Freud’s theory on why men love MILFs sex pics and porn so much, others don’t buy that. The better theory or explanation lies within guys wanting a woman who can fuck them really hard and well. They also want a woman who will be more sexually hyper than younger women. As women become older, they also turn more aggressive and confident sexually.

A study was done using some films from ten top porn sites. The research took 50 movies from the teen videos and 50 from the MILF videos. They then analyzed it and found that the women who played the MILF in the films, were 2.5 times more often to be the seducers. They were also more aggressive and initiated the sex. And the MILFs also took control of the sex nine times out of ten. Plus, many of the MILFs in the videos played characters that were superior to the men in the plot of the videos. That was not the case with any of the Teen videos or Japanese porn movies.

In the end, the sexual confidence seen in a MILF’s animated porn GIF, amateur pics or video is what truly makes a MILF so damn hot. They can make anyone shout “We want MILF. We want MILF!”

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